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Sleep Apnea

Is Snoring Ruining Your Love Life? Time to See The Dentist

If you have been banished to the guest room because when you snore your significant other thinks there is a 747 landing in the cul de sac, you might want to see the dentist.

The sleep disord Read More >


Hormone Therapy and Cognitive Impairment

It’s well known that hormones can affect everything that goes on in a woman’s body, from sexual libido to weight gain and overall mood. Now, though, a new study shows that in the right combinat Read More >

Mental & Emotional Health

Treating PTSD with a Psychedelic

Even if you’ve never used illegal drugs, you probably have some idea what LSD and other psychedelic substances do to the brain. (The 1960s live on in movies if nowhere else.) This kind of drug tr Read More >

Colon and rectal cancer

American Cancer Society Updates Colorectal Cancer Screening Guidelines

The American Cancer Society has updated its age for initial screening of colorectal cancer to 45, based partly on statistics showing that rates of colorectal cancer are on the rise in young and mid Read More >

Cancer Center

How to Honor Your Post-Cancer Body

I remember the exact moment when I saw my body’s reflection in the mirror after being diagnosed with breast cancer.
It was the morning after the doctor had delivered that crushing diagnosis Read More >

Living Well

Beauty & Style

Blackcurrant Dye Could Make Hair Coloring Safer & More Sustainable

Whether they’re trying to hide some gray or embrace a new or quirky color, people adore hair dyes.
But some of these dyes may be harmful to humans and the environment. Now in a 2018 stu
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Money Matters

Retirees With a Guaranteed Income Are Happier & Live Longer

Retirees who are surrounded by their family and friends – and who also have a substantial check coming in every month for the rest of their lives – are much happier, according to a stud
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Aging Well

Improving Heart Health Could Prevent Frailty in Old Age

Research done in 2018 has shown that older people with very low heart disease risks also have very little frailty, raising the possibility that frailty could be prevented.

The largest study
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Money Matters

Common Challenges Young People Face in Choosing Health Plans

While recent grads are already worrying about student loan debts, there’s another pressing financial problem. In a recent survey, eHealth highlights the most common challenges young adults face i
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raining money
Money Matters

Two Ways to Get Lifetime Income

To get a guaranteed lifetime income in retirement, you can annuitize an existing annuity when you’re ready to begin receiving income payments. You can also buy a longevity annuity that will pay a
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Diet & Nutrition

Sensory-Based Food Education Encourages Children to Eat Fruits & Vegetables

Sensory-based food education given to children in  kindergarten increases their willingness to choose vegetables and fruit, according to a 2018 study from the University of Eastern Finland. Sensor
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Vitamins + Supplements

Many Popular Vitamins Don't Have Health Benefits

The most popular vitamin and mineral supplements provide no health benefit or harm, according to a new study.

The finding, from researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital, in Toronto, and the U
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Diet & Nutrition

How Music Volume Affects Whether You Order a Cheeseburger or a Salad

Have you ever felt like music effected your choices while shopping or at a restaurant?
A study done at the University of South Florida and published in May 2018 in the Journal of the Academy
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Diet & Nutrition

Turn Up the Volume on the Volumetrics Diet

I don’t like the concept of “going on a diet”. This suggests something temporary! In fact, my concept of dieting is dying by avoiding food. We need to eat to live, and we live healthily by ea
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Don’t Let the Hazards of a Desk Job Harm Your Health!

Millions of us have jobs that keep us sitting at a desk all week long, week after week after week. Without even realizing it, we are sitting at that desk more than we are doing pretty much anything
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Vigorous Exercise Can Slow Down Heart's Aging

To keep your heart young, it’s necessary to exercise four to five days per week, according to new research published in The Journal of Physiology.

The findings could be an important step t
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Mind/Body Wellness

Five Tips for Body Trust, Connection and Acceptance

Body Trust involves developing a deep connection with your body so that you can make choices around food, exercise, sleep, and other practices that resonate with who you are. Body acceptance encour
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A Crowdsourced App for Exercise

Researchers have created a crowdsourced platform that can rival professional trainers’ apps in effectiveness.

The platform, developed at the University of Washington and Seattle University
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man running

Research Explains the Link Between Exercise and Appetite Loss

Ever wonder why intense exercise temporarily curbs your appetite? In research described in today’s issue of PLOS Biology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine researchers reveal that the answe
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Swabbing Cesarean-Born Babies with Vaginal Fluids Is Potentially Unsafe and Unnecessary

The increasingly popular practice of “vaginal seeding” — in which cesarean-delivered babies are immediately swabbed with the mother’s vaginal fluids — is declared unju
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What Caregivers Must Know About Dental Needs After a Loved One Has a Stroke

Dentistry isn’t normally on the priority list for caregivers of stroke patients, but it should be. The person in recovery may be dealing with gum disease. Maybe her or she has a bridge that i
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teen texting while driving

A Way to Get Teens to Stop Texting While Driving

A study of teen attitudes suggests most are willing stop texting while driving with an app-based strategy and financial incentives, but are not willing to give up music and navigation apps
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Older woman younger man
Relationships & Love

Age Differences in Relationships: What Are You Comfortable With?

When I was 26 years old, I became involved with a 40-something man.
He was a high-ranking New York City homicide detective who moonlighted as a Hollywood stuntman. Fire suits and high
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4 Ways to Involve Kids in The Kitchen


Children often can’t wait until a parent fixes dinner, but getting the youngsters involved in helping to prepare those meals could do more than help mom and dad out. It also could l
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