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Women's Health

Diabetes: A New Insight into the Protective Role of Estrogens

Epidemiological data indicate an explosion of type 2 diabetes cases for women after menopause. What is responsible for that? The surprisingly protective role of estrogens, highlighted by the fact t Read More >

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Brain Health

Memory Training Needs to Target Specific Difficulties to Be Effective

When people hear that their memory will worsen as they age, the question on their minds becomes: “What can we do to remember better?”

A study done at Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care i Read More >

Hearing Loss

What Happens When You Ignore Hearing Loss

Hearing plays a crucial role in all aspects of our lives—when we talk to friends and loved ones, listen to music, watch TV, interact with colleagues, or just walk down the street listening to the Read More >

Kid's & Teen Health

Study Explains the Resurgence of Whooping Cough

A team of researchers including scientists from the University of Georgia has found that the resurgence of pertussis, more commonly known as whooping cough, in the U.S. is a predictable consequence Read More >

Mental & Emotional Health

Primary Care Doctors May Be Unsure Whether Kids' Bad Moods Are Serious or Not

All children have moments of moodiness, but family medicine doctors and pediatricians may doubt their abilities to tell the difference between normal irritability and possibly bigger issues, accord Read More >

Living Well

Aging Well

Dance Aids Healthier Aging

In April of 2018, Queensland Ballet and Queensland University of Technology (QUT) released the results of a joint project examining the health and wellbeing benefits of ballet for older Australians
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Money Matters

2017 Tax Return Points the Way to Tax Savings in 2018 and Beyond

Your 2017 tax return provides valuable clues for planning for your 2018 taxes. But with tax reform, the exercise is more complicated this year.

When reviewing your 2017 return, look for thin
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Diet & Nutrition

Pasta Can Be Part of a Healthy Diet Without Making You Pack on the Pounds

Carbohydrates get a lot of bad press and blame for the obesity epidemic, but a 2018 study done at St Michael’s Hospital in Toronto and published in the journal BMJ Open suggests that this negativ
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Diet & Nutrition

Potential Avenues for Cancer Treatment Discovered in Berry Pigment

Berries have long been touted as “superfoods”. Now a study done at the University of Eastern Finland and the National Institute on Aging in the US has shown that naturally occurring pigments in
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Mediterranean diet meal
Diet & Nutrition

Can A Mediterranean Diet Pattern Slow Aging?

Researchers have found new correlations between a Mediterranean diet and healthy aging.

Hallmarks of the Mediterranean diet, which has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, include
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Diet & Nutrition

3 Ways Good Nutrition Protects and Heals

As another flu epidemic tore through the U.S., the nation appeared almost defenseless. From flu shots to healthy habits such as hand washing and covering the mouth when coughing, no remedy is infa
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Diet & Nutrition

When Life Gives You Lemons, Smile!

Here is one instance where life gives you lemons, and it’s actually a good thing. You don’t even have to make lemonade.

Lemons, a popular citrus fruit, are about as sour as you can get.
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Dipping into the Fountain of Youth: The Rewards of Regular Exercise for Senior Women

By Tangela Manual, Administrator, Pathways Memory Care at Villa Toscana, a StoneGate Senior Living community 

and Natalie Hooper, Chief Operating Officer, Rehab Pro 

It’s been c
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The Best Way to Trim Your Thighs

It can be really hard to embark on a new fitness regimen, especially if you feel out of shape, overweight or “too old.” Success in life is not about a matter of inches and pounds. It’s when y
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Mind/Body Wellness

The Four Biggest Meditation Myths

In the midst of our busy lives, daily meditation can be a powerful tool, by helping relax body and mind, while ultimately making your day more focused and productive. But there are many misapprehen
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Physically Fit Women Nearly 90 Percent Less Likely to Develop Dementia

Women with high physical fitness at middle age were nearly 90 percent less likely to develop dementia decades later, compared to women who were moderately fit, according to a study published the Ma
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Mature woman drinking water in gym

Fuel Your Body for A Better Workout Performance

Are you doing the workout that’s right for you, but still not seeing the results you’d like? That may be due to your nutrition. Filling the body with the right fuel can help improve the workout
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How to Have “The Talk” with Your Aging Parents

More than 10,000 people in the U.S. turn 65 each day, and 90 percent want to spend their senior years in their homes. Aging in place has psychological benefits for seniors because it allows them
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Volunteering 2 Hours Per Week Reduces Loneliness in Widowed Older Adults

Widowed older adults can reduce the loneliness that results from the death of a spouse by volunteering 100 hours per year, which is about two hours per week, according to a study done in April 2018
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Parents Struggle to Discuss Sex with LGBTQ Teens

It’s hard enough for parents to have “the talk” about sexual health with their kids, but parents of LGBTQ children feel especially uncomfortable and unequipped when they try to ed
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Apps to Keep Kids Safe Can Be Counterproductive

Mobile apps designed to help parents keep their children safe from online predators may actually be counterproductive, harming the trust between a parent and child and reducing the child’s ab
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Poor grades Tied to Class Times That Don't Match Students’ Biological Clocks

It may be time to tailor students’ class schedules to their natural biological rhythms, according to a study from UC Berkeley and Northeastern Illinois University published March 2018 in the
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