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The Necklace Lady

Posted by Mimi Schwartz

At least once a week, and more during the summer, I wear the turquoise bead necklace that my friend Jutta made me over ten years ago. Like Jutta, the necklace […]


I Remember Martin

This was an essay I wrote many years ago, about a patient who stayed with me throughout my career.  I remember Martin. I was 20 years old, barely a nurse. […]


Top Tips for Financial Literacy

Posted by Colleen Tressler

Editor’s note: April is Financial Literacy Month, and a great time to get your personal finances on track. Here, from the Federal Trade Commission, are a few tips to help […]

Frustrated woman and laptop

The Right Words

Posted by Donna Ryan

Kevin and I will soon be married 38 years and for the most part get along perfectly fine. But there are times when I wish some things were different. I’d […]


My Mother Was A Poet

Posted by Amy Losak

My mom and I were always friends, but perhaps I didn’t truly appreciate her until after her death. I have never fully recovered from this loss. I still grieve. I […]


Forgiving Myself

Posted by Donna Ryan

Did you ever find yourself at a stage in life where you were totally disciplined and all of a sudden your routine changes and you know you should be working […]

Seniors eating in assisted-living home


Posted by Carol Netzer

Editor’s note: Carol Netzer, 91, is a resident of an assisted-living facility in New York City. In her earlier blog post for thirdAGE, she talked about making the transition from […]

Group of mature friends

Assisted Living: An Insider's View

Posted by Carol Netzer

Editor’s note: Carol Netzer, 91, is a resident of an assisted-living home in New York City. She has written a book, Assisted Living: An Insider’s View, that offers her perspective […]


Mary or Martha

Posted by Darcy Thiel

Last week I went to see Jesus Christ Superstar. I couldn’t believe it took me 51 years to see i,t given my love for faith and music. Then it occurred […]


Anger in Every Paragraph

Posted by Darcy Thiel

As I continue to pursue my next career step, I was advised to read a few books. I just finished Being Mortal, by Atul Gawande, and I loved every minute […]