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I Wanna Scream!!!

Posted by Darcy Thiel

Sigh. Heavy sigh. Another heavy sigh. My poor dad.  Our medical system stinks, and he suffers for it. Being on palliative care is supposed to make his life more comfortable. […]


How Authentic Are You?

Yesterday, someone said, “Everyone wears a mask because no one is 100% authentic because of the human need to wear a protective shield.” I thought about the comment and said, […]


My Mother’s Keys

Posted by Jean P. Moore

My mother was destined for better things. She had a “head for numbers.” That’s how she put it. Unlike her sisters, she had graduated from high school, and she wanted […]


Love, Food and Stuff

Posted by Donna Ryan

As I opened the refrigerator door to store the new week of groceries, I was upset to see the moldy blueberries that had landed way back on the shelf. “Oh, […]


Avoiding Tech-Support Scams

Posted by Carol Kando-Pineda

You’re working on your computer when, suddenly, a message pops up on the screen: “Virus detected! Call now for a free security scan and to repair your device.” That’s a […]


Riding in a Car with Women

Posted by Darcy Thiel

Along with the aches and pains of a job search, I have also been able to meet some great people. I had to attend a meeting today and car pooled […]


The Two Kinds of Partnership

Posted by Nancy Anderson

There are two kinds of partnerships we can make: a pact with death or a pact with life. The former is based on a fantasy bond, an idealization that is […]


When It Rains...

Posted by Darcy Thiel

You know the rest. It pours. Although all things considered, I’m not drowning. I just feel soaked through and annoyed. A couple of nights ago, I was working on the […]


The Journey of a Lifetime

Posted by Donna Ryan

I’ve heard it said that to find your purpose, think of all the things you loved to do as a child. Television shows were huge past time activities for many […]