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Packing Light for Vacation

Posted by Sally Franz

If you have to take an airplane to where you are going, I have a travel tip for you. Empty your suitcase and start thinking like a frequent flier, not […]


Disaster Readiness

Posted by Sally Franz

Everywhere I have lived there was some kind of natural disaster to prepare for. Growing up, my town flooded out every 10 years or so by the local brook. As […]


Old and New

Posted by Darcy Thiel

The last few decades there has been a big emphasis on taking care of self. Make yourself happy, no one else can or will. For people who tend to be […]


Life Without Guilt

I am back in my beautiful Chicago. I feel a calmness as I gaze straight ahead and see Lake Michigan out of the windows in our apartment in the sky. […]



Posted by Sally Franz

When I was a child in a household with five kids, casseroles were the main dinner item. The only break in that pattern was Sunday dinner where whole servings of […]


Some Like It HOT, and Some Like It COLD

Posted by Jo Ann Simon

May was National ALS Awareness Month. #ALSAwareness The National ALS Association asked everyone to join the fight to create a world without Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. But it’s not too late to help! I lost my husband to ALS and […]


Address Label Season

Posted by Sally Franz

It seems that spring is “Address Label” season. You know, the free sheets of personalized address peel and stick labels. Right now I’m looking across my desk at the box […]


Spect Imaging Results

Posted by Darcy Thiel

Last year, I started surfing the net about Spect Brain Imaging. Dr. Daniel Amen is the name I had been turned on to and I began listening to his many […]


Binge-Pulling the Weeds

Posted by Jane Farrell

We’ve got a reality show going on in our back yard. It’s called Weed Apocalypse. Not the illegal type of weed, but the kind that “blooms” (if that’s the right […]


The Daily Aggravation

Posted by Darcy Thiel

  I get that the world we live in is different from what it used to be, but sometimes I wonder how the heck some things are allowed to go […]


Job Hunting Woes

Posted by Darcy Thiel

Since January, I have been actively trying to figure out how to generate new business for myself that combines some of the skills, experience and passion I have developed over […]


How to Bloom After 50

The word reinvention is on my mind because it seems to be the ‘in’ word in many articles written for women over 50. I read and listen to experts telling […]


At My Fingertips

Posted by Sondra Forsyth

One day not long ago, when I was marveling at how many tasks I can accomplish just by using my iPhone, I thought about writing a blog entitled “In the […]